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The Return of Volatility: Navigating Market Risk With Managed Futures


Recent market volatility has brought the quest for uncorrelated returns to the forefront. However, it is often difficult for investors to find financial assets that are liquid, generate a return, and do not move in tandem with the broader market.

Enter managed futures: portfolios of futures contracts that are bought and sold by investment professionals, with contracts encompassing both physical goods and financial instruments such as currencies, stocks, and bonds.

Join Mount Lucas President & CIO Tim Rudderow and KFA Funds head of strategy Luke Oliver for an overview of how managed futures work and how they can potentially fit into your portfolio.

Mount Lucas has been an innovator in managed futures since 1986 and the creator of the widely followed MLM IndexTM. Mount Lucas is the sub-adviser to the KFA Mount Lucas Index Strategy ETF (KMLM).


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