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Jul. 19, 2019
Bloomberg Businessweek Podcast

The July 19th episode of Bloomberg's Businessweek Podcast is titled "Management Lessons From the Apollo Moon Landing". President and CIO of Mount Lucas, Tim Rudderow, speaks at approximately the 26 minute mark.

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Looking Beneath The Hood Of Factor Investing

Feb. 28, 2019
Financial Advisor Magazine

Factor investing, particularly within the scope of risk premia strategies, has been a popular topic. Vanguard has convinced the investing community that beta can be achieved by buying passive indices and the cost of owning beta should be very low. Investors use risk premia strategies as a source of generating alpha. But, are people looking carefully enough when evaluating these strategies? Much gets hidden in broad risk and return statistics. We thought we would take a deeper dive into how factors behave over market cycles.

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Boutique of the Week: Mount Lucas Management

Feb. 25, 2019
City Wire USA

Mount Lucas Management started life as the offspring of a firm called Commodities Corporation, a private commodity and futures trading company that is credited with launching the careers of legendary hedge fund managers such as Paul Tudor Jones, before being bought by Goldman Sachs in 1997.

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Risky Assets Move in Tandem, Stoking Fears More Volatility Lies Ahead

Jan. 23, 2019
The Wall Street Journal

Stocks, bond yields, commodities and other risky assets have continued moving in lockstep lately, raising hopes that this year’s nascent rebound will continue but also fueling worries momentum could once again reverse.

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1995 Redux

Jan. 14, 2019
Financial Advisor Magazine

History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes, or so the saying goes. In retrospect, we see many similarities between 2018 and 1994.

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Since 1986, Mount Lucas has provided innovative investments to institutional and high-net-worth investors. We offer clients a range of investment products that include actively managed strategies and proprietary passive indices. Our long-term tenure in the investment industry attests to our commitment to diversification, liquidity, risk management, and transparency.


Mount Lucas takes a vigorous approach to the research component of the investment process, reviewing a wide array of third party reports as well as proprietary research.

 The selection process benefits from the investment committee’s thorough multi-disciplinary research and analysis, reinforced by proven expertise of all
team members.


Proprietary research and trading model software along with top-tier OMS, provides seamless execution and real time portfolio monitoring.

Access to industry standard portfolio and research tools and data provide the investment team with the proper infrastructure to excel.


Trading liquid markets is the cornerstone of our risk management mentality.  Investment strategies are implemented with primarily exchange-traded instruments and we do not have a lock up period for any of our strategies.

The management team views each client as a business partner with full access to their capital.


Since 1986 the Mount Lucas team has been infused with unusual diversity and continuity, who have taken pride in offering institutional level products, service, and operations. Firm principals are supported by key staff in trading, client service, operations, and information technology. From inception, outsourcing has been employed whenever possible, enabling staff to take a top down approach to managing the firm's operations while keeping the business nimble, flexible, and scalable. Operations that are outsourced in part or in full include fund administration, compliance, risk analytics, cyber security, infrastructure monitoring, and disaster recovery.


  • Timothy Rudderow
    Timothy Rudderow
    President & Chief Investment Officer

    Tim co-founded Mount Lucas in 1986 and is the firm's president, overseeing all of its activities. He has been in the investment business since the late 1970s, when he worked at Commodities Corporation with the late Frank Vannerson, another co-founder of Mount Lucas. Tim specializes in the design and management of technical trading systems applied to the futures, equity, and fixed income markets. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Rutgers University and an M.B.A. in Management Analysis from Drexel University.

  • Roger Alcaly
    Roger Alcaly

    Roger has been involved in equity investing and leveraged acquisitions since 1981. A former partner at Kellner, DiLeo & Co., he also served in the Carter administration, worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and was an Assistant Professor of Economics at Columbia University. He holds a B.A. from Amherst College and a Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton University. Roger is the author of The New Economy: What It Is, How It Happened, and Why It Is Likely to Last, which was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in June 2003.

  • Paul DeRosa
    Paul DeRosa

    Paul has been in the investment business since 1977. A specialist in the fixed income markets, he began his career in Citibank's bond trading division, was promoted to chief proprietary bond trader, and subsequently was named head of Citibank's financial derivatives and capital markets businesses in North America. Paul also worked at E.F. Hutton Co. as co-head of bond trading, and was a co-founder of Eastbridge Holdings Inc., a bond and currency trading company. He received a B.A. in Economics from Hobart College and a Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University.

  • Ray Ix, Jr.
    Ray Ix, Jr.
    Managing Partner

    Ray joined Mount Lucas in 1992. He is a principal of the firm as well as a member of the investment committee, and shares the responsibility of determining the firm's investment strategy. He also plans and directs the firm's marketing and client service efforts. Prior to Mount Lucas, he was employed by Little Brook Corporation, where he implemented technical trading systems operated by the firm. Before joining Little Brook, Ray was the Fixed Income Administrative Manager at Delaware Management Company. He received a B.S. in Accounting from Saint Joseph's University in 1986.

  • Gerald Prior III
    Gerald Prior III
    Chief Operating Officer

    Jerry is the firm's Chief Operating Officer. He began his tenure at Mount Lucas in 1997 as a trading assistant and went on to lead the initiative to enhance the technology and systems integration on the trading desk. He has conducted extensive portfolio research, having developed a proprietary multi-asset modeling system, and most recently has served as the portfolio manager for the MLM Index™, MLM Symmetry™ and for custom quantitative managed accounts. He has a particular expertise in the development, implementation, and oversight of the firm's proprietary models, and their execution through the trading operation. Jerry graduated cum laude in 1997 from Villanova University with a B.S. in Mathematics.

  • Jim Mehling
    Jim Mehling
    Chief Finance Officer

    Jim began his financial services career in 1976 at Merrill Lynch, where he ultimately managed a trading desk for Government Securities. Prior to joining Mount Lucas, Jim was President and Chief Investment Officer of Monitor Capital Advisors. He has extensive experience in the cash and derivatives markets, and has contributed to a number of books on fixed income securities, options and futures strategies. A CFA® charterholder, Jim has served as a volunteer on the CFA examination grading committee. He received a B.S. in Aviation Engineering from Western Michigan University in 1970.

  • John Oberkofler
    John Oberkjofler
    Director of Trading

    John joined Mount Lucas in 1986, at the firm's inception. A specialist in the futures markets, he previously worked at Little Brook Corporation, where he was a Senior Trader. As Director of Trading, John oversees the trading desk at Mount Lucas. He received a B.S. in Finance from Seton Hall University in 1982.

  • David Aspell
    David Aspell
    Portfolio Manager

    David joined Mount Lucas in 2011 as the firm's Chief Risk Officer. Prior to joining Mount Lucas, David spent approximately 6 years at Man Group as a Senior Risk Manager, working in London, New York and Chicago. He holds a Masters degree from Nottingham University.

  • Kent Huang, CFA, FRM
    Kent Huang, CFA, FRM
    Chief Risk Officer

    Kent joined Mount Lucas in 2008. Prior to joining Mount Lucas, Kent was a Client Service Relationship Manager at Goldman Sachs in their Prime Brokerage division where he was promoted to Vice President in 2007. Kent graduated cum laude in 2001 from Rutgers University with a B.S. in Finance and is a CFA® charterholder and Certified FRM.


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