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Since 1986, Mount Lucas has provided innovative investments to institutional and high-net-worth investors. We offer clients a range of investment products that include actively managed strategies and proprietary passive indices. Our long-term tenure in the investment industry attests to our commitment to diversification, liquidity, risk management, and transparency.

Stock Market Data


Mount Lucas takes a vigorous approach to the research component of the investment process, reviewing a wide array of third party reports as well as proprietary research.

 The selection process benefits from the investment committee’s thorough multi-disciplinary research and analysis, reinforced by proven expertise of all
team members.

Abstract Futuristic Background


Proprietary research and trading model software along with top-tier OMS, provides seamless execution and real time portfolio monitoring.

Access to industry standard portfolio and research tools and data provide the investment team with the proper infrastructure to excel.



Trading liquid markets is the cornerstone of our risk management mentality.  Investment strategies are implemented with primarily exchange-traded instruments and we do not have a lock up period for any of our strategies.

The management team views each client as a business partner with full access to their capital.

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