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Webinar - Bank Failures, Bond Volatility, and Managed Futures – A Trend Following Workshop

In volatile markets, being flexible is key. Low correlation to equities and positive skew in risk-off markets is equally as important. This is why we believe a managed futures strategy can be one of the most important tools in an investor's toolkit. Few managers have the breadth and depth of experience as our partners at Mount Lucas.

Join Mount Lucas' Portfolio Managers Gerald Prior and David Aspell, and KraneShares' Snowy Ding, CFA for a trend following workshop where they will discuss year-to-date managed futures return drivers and how they approach trend following.

What we will cover:

• Bank failures, bond volatility, and Managed Futures

• Managed Futures performance so far in 2023

• In-depth workshop on Mount Lucas' approach to trend following

• Comprehensive Q&A


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